No Strings Dating Dublin: 6 Stylish Male Celebrities To Emulate

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It is important to always look your best when you are looking for a Dublin NSA relationship.

Since guys tend to have a bit more of an issue finding the right style to attract women, it might be a good idea to emulate a celebrity.

There are a number of great celebrities out there to emulate and since women tend to love the way these guys look, it could be a win/win situation for you.

There are also some celebs that you should definitely NOT try to emulate. Where should you focus when getting into NSA Dublin?

Start with the following six male celebrities:

Justin Timberlake
One of the celebrity guys that many women love is Justin Timberlake. What is so special about Justin Timberlake’s style? Over the years he has definitely grown up from his boy band image.

These days, Justin Timberlake is a sophisticated man who wears his clothes well. Want to look like JT? Go with the body-hugging dress shirt that will show a woman you physique, but will still look good with jeans.

Another male that you can emulate is Jay-Z. When most people think of hip-hop artists, they think of a lot of bling and oversized clothing. Jay-Z has really revolutionised the fashion world for males with his style.

How can you dress in the Jay-Z style? Choose some crisp jeans, as Jay calls them and the right sneakers. Match those with cardigans or v-necks and cotton tees and button down shirts.

David Beckham
Women think David Beckham is extremely sexy and it’s not a surprise to anyone that he is always one of the most well known male fashion icons in the world. The secret to copying Beckham is to mix it up a bit.

This is a man who will wear almost any trendy male fashion, but he has stand-bys like sports logo t-shirts, a good pair of sunglasses, belts covered with buckles and metal and always has a fitted suit available.

Kanye West
You also will notice that Kanye West is quite fashion forward and most women love his look. How do you dress like Kanye West? Leather is something always found in his wardrobe, including shirts and pants made of leather.

Another thing that West is known for are the high-top shoes that he always wear. He also tends to dress cohesively in a single colour like white, black and brown.

James Franco
Women also love James Franco and think he is very sexy. Men who emulate James Franco’s style will certainly attract the women.

Franco often chooses to dress formally, but also will wear a casual, James Dean-like style. To dress like James Franco, pick v-neck tees, jackets that have decorated lapels and don’t forget to throw on loose-fit jeans or trousers.

Hugh Jackman
Finally, you may want to consider using Hugh Jackman as someone to emulate. Women really go bonkers for this guy and when you take the time to work on your Jackman look, don’t be surprised if women notice.

How can you dress like Hugh Jackman? First, consider wearing a hat, because he often will wear a fedora when out on the town. He also seems to prefer trousers over wearing jeans. Match a suit with a nice button up to get a Hugh Jackman look, but ditch the tie, as he doesn’t always wear them.

These are only a few of the many male icons of fashion that you can choose to copy when it comes to a new style. Find on that you like and take it from there. You will certainly find that women will take note and your confidence will grow in leaps and bounds.

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